The Animal Sounds Song

Avete visto quanti animali! Tutti bellissimi e coloratissimi!

Conoscete i loro versi in inglese? Impariamoli insieme con questa canzone dei mitici Bounce Patrol!

What do the animals say? We can find out today! Let’s all sing and play and hear what the animals say!

The horse says neigh

The pig says oink

The little mouse says squeak

The bird says tweet

The snake says hiss

The dog says woof

The cow says moo

The cockerel says cock-a-doodle-doo

The frog says ribbit

The cat says meow

The owl says hoot

The wolf says howl

The bee says buzz

The sheep says baah

The duck says quack

The lion says roar

E se volete ripassare i nomi di tutti questi splendidi animali, non dimenticate di andarvi a rivedere FARM ANIMALS  e ZOO ANIMALS!

Buon divertimento! j

Janet L. Dubbini

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