Learn English with Lilly

The book

Fancy having a look at “Hello!”? Here we go!

In “Hello!” children will meet Lilly, her brother, Rudy, and her friend Brenda, do fun activities and learn the following structures and vocabulary in English:

◊ adjectives
◊ colours
◊ toys
◊ to be (I am, you are, he/she/it is)
◊ this is
◊ where is
◊ prepositions of place (on, in, under)
◊ what colour
◊ what is your favourite

So, go and get your copy from AMAZON and let’s start the fun!

BTW, “Hello!” is available in paperback at amazon.it, amazon.com, amazon.es, amazon.de, amazon.uk, amazon.fr, amazon.jp, amazon.ca, amazon.au, amazon.nl.

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The author

Hi! I am Janet L. Dubbini and I am an Italian and English mother tongue freelance translator and English language teacher and I am so excited to announce that my book “Hello!” is out now in paperback!

Hello!” is the first book of the series “Learn English with Lilly”, which is designed for children aged 4-8 who want to learn English in an easy and fun way, and it is the result of my great passion for teaching as well as of my long-term experience in the field.

I hope you will enjoy “Hello!” just as much as I enjoyed writing and illustrating it! ♥ j


This video is based only on an extract from “Hello!”. In “Hello!”, in fact, children will meet other characters and learn the names and colours of their toys too, and they will also find a whole series of activities to help them become familiar with the words and structures presented in the book.

Extra downloadable material

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