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Che ci piaccia o meno, è di nuovo San Valentino.
Alcuni di voi staranno programmando un’uscita romantica, altri si staranno preparando a trascorrere una tranquilla serata come tante. Altri ancora la festeggerebbero pure la festa degli innamorati se solo avessero la persona giusta accanto. È il caso della nostra amica Ashlie, che, dopo aver provato invano con lo speed dating, ha ora deciso di cercare l’anima gemella online. Sarà più fortunata? Scopriamolo insieme con questo video realizzato dal British Council.

“Ashlie: Stephen! For goodness’ sake, you’ll scare the postman away. Anyway, it’s too early. The postman usually comes at 11.
Stephen: Yeah. You’re right. He’ll probably be late. He’s got to carry all those cards for me.
Ashlie: It’s Valentine’s Day today and Stephen takes it very seriously. He thinks he’s going to get a lot of cards this year.
Stephen: I sent lots of cards, so I’ll get lots of cards – simple.
Ashlie: Stephen, it doesn’t work like that. Anyway, I thought you were going to help me with my online profile.
The speed dating didn’t really work out. So now Stephen thinks I should try online dating to see if I can meet someone on the internet.
Stephen: Yeah, we’re going to try it, Ash. Come on, let’s take a picture. You’ll need one for your profile. I’m a very good photographer.
Ashlie: OK, then. Come on.
Stephen: OK, so now you have to describe yourself.
Ashlie: So, I guess we could say, tall, beautiful, funny, clever, thin, successful…
Stephen: Or maybe you could just tell the truth?
Ashlie: Stephen! OK, then. Which of these statements sounds most like me? Am I: A: Quiet and shy; B: Outgoing and chatty; C: Optimistic and confident?
Stephen: Ah, definitely optimistic and confident.
Ashlie: Quiet and shy. OK, hobbies… Tick all the boxes that are true for you. Let me see… OK, playing cards, yes, gardening, yes, walking, yes…
Stephen: Err, hang on, Ashlie. I’ve never seen you do any of those things.
Ashlie: Well, I’m trying to sound mature. You know, more grown up.
Stephen: Mature? You sound like an old lady! You’re supposed to tell the truth…
Ashlie: The postman. Just the one card, Stephen?
Stephen: It’s not how many you get, Ashlie. It’s the thought that counts. Ooh, listen to this, ‘Your eyes are like diamonds that shine in the sky…’
Ashlie: Stephen, is that your writing?
Stephen: Err, no.
Ashlie: Err… yes it is, Stephen. Did you send yourself this card?
Stephen: No, Ashlie. I notice you didn’t get any.  Anyway, how’s your profile going?
Ashlie: All finished actually. Now I just need to wait for a reply. Oh my goodness! That was quick!
Stephen: Quick. Open it, Ashlie. Let’s see who you got.
Ashlie: Strange photo…
Stephen: What’s the message? What does he say?
Ashlie: Well, his name’s Barry… He says our interests are the same – they match perfectly. He wants to meet…
Stephen: Oh, do I hear wedding bells?
Ashlie: Well, I think I should meet him. He sounds nice. But Stephen – you will come, won’t you? Just to keep me safe?
Stephen: OK. But how will you recognise each other?
Ashlie: We could wear a red flower or something?
Stephen: A red flower? That’s a silly idea. You never wear flowers. Maybe you should wear something green. I know – a green scarf.
Ashlie: OK. Let me message him. OK, done. Ooh, I’m going on a blind date!
Ashlie: Stephen! What on earth are you wearing?
Stephen: Shh – I’m in disguise.
Ashlie: Yes, but why?
Stephen: So no one recognises me.
Ashlie: Right. OK. Look, I’ll sit on that bench over there. You text me if you see him arrive. Remember, green scarf.

Ashlie texting: Green scarves everywhere – I should have worn a flower
Stephen texting: Look right – Man in hat – Green scarf – Flowers

Man: Ashlie? Ashlie Walker? Oh, no.
Stephen: Ashlie, you asked for that. I told you, you needed to tell the truth.
Ashlie: Right, that’s it, Stephen! I give up on dating.
Stephen: Come on, grandma!”

E anche questa volta Ashlie non ha avuto molta fortuna. Beh, avrebbe anche potuto essere più sincera nel suo profilo online.
Certo, non è sempre facile descrivere sé stessi, ma questo video ci propone alcuni PERSONALITY ADJECTIVES che potrebbero essere d’aiuto:
funny = causing laughter, amusing
clever = intelligent and able to learn things quickly
successful = having obtained success
quiet = reserved in speech or manner
shy = feeling nervous and uncomfortable about meeting and talking to people
outgoing = friendly, sociable
chatty = inclined to chat, friendly and talkative.
optimistic = expecting good things to happen
confident = sure of oneself

Quando si vuole chiedere della personalità di qualcuno, la domanda da fare è:

Es. What is Ashley like? She is optimistic and confident.
Es. What are Ashley and Stephen like? They are friendly and sociable.

Quando, invece, si vuole chiedere del suo aspetto fisico, la domanda da fare è:

Es. What does Ashley look like? She is tall, beautiful and thin.
Es. What does Stephen look like? He is tall and goodlooking.

Sono questi i PHYSICAL ADJECTIVES, gli aggettivi usati per descrivere l’aspetto fisico di una persona. I physical adjectives presentati nel video sono:
tall = having great height
beautiful = having beauty
thin = not fat

Nel video vengono utilizzati anche degli interessanti PHRASAL VERBS:
(to) scare away = (to) frighten someone or something and cause them to go away
(to) work out = (to) prove effective, practicable, or suitable
(to) hang on = (to) wait for a short time (informal)
(to) ask for = (to) behave in a provocative manner that is regarded as inviting (trouble) (informal)

E anche un idiom:
(to) give up on something = (to) stop trying to do or achieve something.

Infine, vengono presentati anche alcuni verbi nuovi formati su nomi che provengono dal mondo della comunicazione elettronica:
(to) text = (to) send a text message (by means of a mobile phone)
(to) message = (to) send a message by messenger, radio, telephone, or other means.

Se volete approfondire sia il discorso sui personality and physical adjectives sia quello sui “new verbs”, non perdetevi le attività proposte dal British Council sul video: ACTIVITIES

Ora, però, per mettere in pratica quanto abbiamo appena imparato:
How would you describe yourself?
What are you like? What do you look like?

Let me know! And Happy Saint Valentine’s Day! j

Janet L. Dubbini

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